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Offer your customers the opportunity to receive an offer for their apartment in just 3 days. We offer a quick sale and 1% commission.
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You can represent Casta as a seller: you have access to our properties with a guaranteed commission of 1% regardless of how your customers purchase.
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All properties available on site are verified, have an exact location, are not duplicated and there are no other intermediaries.

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+ Guaranteed commission

+ Transparent collaboration

+ Access to verified properties

+ Efficient for you as a partner

+ Safe for your customers

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How do I become Casta partner?

You create a partner account here , confirm your account, and set up your profile.

What properties can I allocate?

After confirmation and authentication, you can select your areas of interest. Later, you will have access to the properties in the chosen areas, you can view and select the ones of interest, through the ALLOCATE button.

How do I set up meetings?

After you assigned a property, you will find on its details, the "Schedule viewing" button. Click on the button and you can choose the right date and time for you. The seller will be notified of your interest by phone and by email. You will receive by email the seller's response for viewing.

Do I have access to Casta offers?

Yes, as an active partner in Bucharest, you have access to all Casta offers, with a guaranteed commission of 1%, regardless of how your customers purchase.

Can I add properties from my portfolio?

Sure you do! You can make an instant offer request (InstaBuy) for your customers, with an answer in just 3 days.


With InstaBuy, homeowners have now a digital solution for selling apartments in a very short time, based on a fair assessment of the existing offers on the market and based on pre-established criteria.


Casta launches the InstaBuy service and becomes the first online platform in Romania to buy your apartment. The owners from Bucharest receive an offer for their apartment in only 3 days.


The iBuyer concept is a new element for the European market and tried to adapt the operating model for the local market based mainly on information from the USA.

the Trends

The real estate platform which buys your apartment in just 3 days, after the model of the big iBuyers in the USA